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My First Mother’s Day

on May 23, 2013

Well, the Friday before Mother’s Day we got our first foster care placement! We can’t post very many details about them, but we got a baby girl almost a year old and her older sister, about 3 years old.

Needless to say, for our first time as parents, we totally freaked out! The girls were soo well-behaved, but I think the idea and reality of parenthood took my husband and me by surprise. I was excited and scared and worried and a million other emotions all at the same time. And my husband felt even more overwhelmed than I did!


When they were placed with us, it was an emergency placement, so they were still in the process of contacting family. On the Monday after Mother’s Day, they ended up going to stay with their grandma. We were glad for them to be able to stay with their family, but also sad, since we had grown to love them during the short few days they stayed with us. But we also felt a bit relieved because of the overwhelming feelings we felt over the responsibility of suddenly becoming the parents of two little girls.


Looking back, it was a great weekend. The girls were so well-behaved, given the situation they were in. The baby really took to my husband, which of course he loved! He has always wanted a daddy’s girl. It was great to have a taste of motherhood over Mother’s Day, but we are glad that they can be someplace familiar. We have definitely missed them over the past week and half and will continue to miss them. We pray that they are doing well and can grow up to be beautiful young ladies.

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