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Obviously I have been behind on working on my blog. Life tends to take over and the blog sits on the backburner. But I really felt like I needed to post something today. Twelve years ago the unspeakable happened. Our country was attacked by terrorists. I was only a sophomore in high school, but I remember watching the coverage in nearly all of my classes that day. I watched the second plane hit the building as the reporters were still talking about the first plane. It was crazy.


I feel like that day will forever be etched into our minds just like D-Day is forever etched into the previous generation’s minds. It is just unspeakable. So many lives were lost, whether people that worked in the buildings, or the many many rescue workers that came to their aid. I can’t imagine what those firefighters felt as they walked towards the burning buildings as so many were running away. Those people became heroes that day, whether they lived to tell their stories or not.


Instead of focusing on the evil of the people that plotted against our country, let’s try to focus instead on the heroes made that day. America did what we do in the face of tragedy, we tough it up, do what we need to do, and keep moving forward. Our country has not fallen because of that attack. In fact, we may even be stronger than we were before. People became linked as they watched the coverage together and cried for the lives lost, even if they didn’t know any of the people who lost their lives that day. ┬áLet’s keep moving forward, America! And never forget to thank the heroes around you for doing what they do.

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