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How I Got Soft Hands Again

on February 27, 2014

A few weeks ago, I entered a giveaway over at Bargains with Barb and guess what!? I won! I know, right? Who ever wins these things? Well this time it was me. The prize was a bar of ‘Tingle’ soap from Creamed Gourmet Body Treats. So, it arrived in the mail last Friday. I tried it out and thought I’d give you guys a review (This is not a sponsored review, I receive no money if you decide to purchase this product, just the joy of referring you to a good product)

Now, let me share something with you guys. It is the middle of winter in Iowa and my hands are DRY, I mean duh-rye! I don’t know if it is the hand soap at my office or just the winter conditions getting to me, but my hands are so dry they are cracking in a few places. So when I got the chance to enter to win a new (to me) soap named Creamy, I was like “heck yes!” I figure if it’s named creamy, it must make your skin soft, right?

Now here’s another share for you: I have sensitive skin. It’s not so sensitive that I have to buy special soaps or wash my clothes with special detergents or anything. Not everything messes with my skin, there have been a few random occasions where things have made me break out in splotches all over my body.

I was still eager to try the soap out, I just knew it could be good or bad for me, so I approached it with a cautious, but open mind.

Tingle Soap from Creamy

Tingle Soap from Creamy

So here is what I received. A cute packaged soap in adorable pink packaging. Immediately after opening the smell of peppermint filled my nose. It smelled great! Of course I had to try it out, so the next time I used the restroom, I washed my hands with it. Even when it lathered it was creamy, not super bubbly like most soaps. So far, living up to the creamy name. Immediately after I dried my hands, I could feel how much softer they were. I was amazed a soap could do that!

Tingle Soap from Creamy

Tingle Soap from Creamy

Now that it’s been a few days, my hands are showing improvement, but still slightly dry. Hey, you can’t expect the soap to work miracles on these horrible hands of mine. But I can definitely feel a difference. They are softer than they have been lately. I am excited to keep using the soap and see how much the soap continues to soften my hands.

Also, Creamy is an organic soap, so there are only natural ingredients, unlike the randomly named things on the ingredient list of most soaps at the grocery store. The ingredient list on my Creamy soap includes things like coconut oil, shea butter and peppermint essential oil (hence the peppermint smell, Yum!!), among other things. I can understand what all of these ingredients are! They aren’t some crazy unpronouncable thing fabricated from some factory in the middle of who-knows-where. It is handmade soap with REAL ingredients.

Overall, I am loving it! Great product! If you want to learn more about Cream, visit their etsy page here: or contact them at or on facebook at

What about you? Do you have dry hands? How do you combat dry, cracked hands in the winter? Have you tried homemade soaps? What results did you experience?

2 responses to “How I Got Soft Hands Again

  1. Suzanne says:

    Congrats on winning!!! The soap sounds heavenly! I can smell it now, just by reading the ingredients!!!

  2. becbier says:

    It does smell amazing and peppermint-y! 🙂

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