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Must Read!

on March 25, 2014

Since we’ve been going over finances, I thought this week I would share some of the financial articles I have read lately that I find very helpful. Enjoy! (I should be back next week with regular posts)


Hi I’m Right Here by Karen Weese

An Impassioned Plea for Understanding Compound Interest by Broke Millenial

Why You Must Start Investing Now by Jeff Rose

The Power of Compounding at Budgets Are Sexy

35 Things You Should Be Making Not Buying by John  McLaughlin

How Not To Get Ripped Off When Buying a New Car atFrugal Portland

2 responses to “Must Read!

  1. Perfect info. I will put these on my reading list for this week. Thanks so much for the insight. I certainly need some guidance as we are dealing with financial disappointment. Blessings to you.

    • becbier says:

      No problem! I felt that if I found them interesting, I should share them with others. Sorry to hear about your finances lately, hopefully things will work out. Have you looked at my previous posts lately? I’ve been doing a series on budgeting.

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