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What Do Bunnies and Eggs Have To Do With Jesus??

bunniesPhoto Credit: aussiegall via Compfight cc

This is a question I hear a lot around this time of year. Everyone I know celebrates Easter as the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead. What does that have to do with bunnies and eggs?

Well, pretty much nothing. Yes, that’s what I said.


Originally, Easter was a pagan holiday when the people would celebrate the God of fertility. Rabbits are very fertile animals and eggs are also a sign of fertility, so these were the types of things they celebrated with. It was part of their culture. It was like eating turkey at Thanksgiving.

It’s just what they did.

Anyway, the group of pagans that celebrated this holiday were eventually converted to Christianity. Since Christ’s resurrect celebrates our new life in Him, they thought it more than fit to join the celebration of His resurrection, with their own celebration of new life, Easter.

Over the years, it has changed and molded a bit, but basically our current Easter celebration is still a celebration of new life with Christ’s Resurrection. It has become part of our culture to celebrate it this way.

So, for the most part, the bunnies and eggs don’t directly have anything to do with Jesus. Jesus, bunnies and eggs all represent new life, and that is about all they have to do with each other.

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