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Goal Progress – March

on March 19, 2016

“A goal is a dream without a deadline” – Napoleon Hill

The Rival
Photo Credit: Katy Wrathall via Compfight cc

Well, it is now March. How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions or your goals for 2016? Since I have given myself goals to meet this year, rather than resolutions, I am going to track my progress and see whether I am meeting each of my goals this year or not.

Make $50 extra dollars each month – 

In February, I was able to work a little overtime and ended up with $112.63 extra after taxes. Not too shabby, but so far, not much overtime has been allowed in March, so overtime will probably not earn me as much going forward. Also, I was able to earn about $31 last month doing surveys and what-not at I am continuing to focusing on bringing in extra money, so I give myself an A on this one. We will see how March turns out without as much overtime.

Pay off at least 1 student loan this year

The smallest student loan is now at $709, down $51 from last month. Continuing to chip away. I am planning on using a bonus this month to completely pay off this loan. Then I will begin focusing on the next smallest loan, currently at $2,650. I give myself an A on this again.

Personal Goals:

Finish reading the entire Bible

As of right now, I have finished Genesis Exodus, and am on chapter 20 in Leviticus & the last chapter of Matthew. I probably should have read a little more than I did, but I am still on track to complete this by the end of the year. I give myself a B because I still did not make a daily effort to read.

Write at least one blog post per month

A on this one! I posted a goal update in February, as well as another post. In fact, I have already posted a blog post for March, so this update will be my second one! On track for next month, woohoo!

Graduate with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration

This one isn’t really a monthly trackable goal, but I am doing well in my classes this semester so far, so I am still on track to graduate in December.

Read 5 books that I have never read before

Before February, I had finished reading  Amongst the Flames by T.K. Chapin. During February, I finished reading Paper Towns by John Green and  Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. I know, I know, overacheiver with 2 books, right? But sometimes I get bored when reading a book, so I end up starting another one. But then I get curious about what happens with the characters in the first book, so I eventually go back. This happened with these books and I kept going back and forth until both of them were done. I began reading Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer, but that one doesn’t flow as well as the other books, so I have a feeling that it will take me longer to finish. Even so, I might up my “5 books this year” if I am able to finish 5 before July, but we will see. This was my first time giving myself a reading goal, so I didn’t know where to start.

Make a point to do something special for my husband once a month

Since Valentine’s Day was in February, we went out for dinner that weekend. Nothing extravagant, but we made a point to go out because we wanted to spend time together. My hubby’s birthday is in March, so again I hope this month will be easy to do something special for him.

I think I did pretty good this month on the goals that I gave myself. What about you, did you have any resolutions or goals? How are you progressing on them? Have you given up yet? Are you on track? Comment below and share your progress, I can’t want to hear from you!

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