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Earning Extra With A Referral Bonus

We could all use a little extra money once in a while, right? Well today I’m going to talk about one small way that some people can bring in a little extra: a referral bonus.

A referral bonus is a bonus that you receive when you refer a friend to work at your job and they get hired and stick with it for a certain amount of time (usually six months or one year)

Of course, this sort of bonus isn’t something that everyone can earn. Perhaps your company doesn’t offer signing bonuses, or perhaps you are self-employed. But, if you work in the corporate world, there is a good chance that your company will pay you to refer people to work there as well.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your company does this, talk to your human resources representative and find out whether or not it is offered and what the stipulations are.

Obviously, this sort of extra income is not an immediate cash-flow, and is only a one-time bonus (per employee that you refer). And of course there are other factors, such as if your friend even gets hired, or if they stay with the company the amount of months needed to earn the bonus.

Also, you should try to refer people that would truly be a good fit for your company. It is sort of a win-win, your company can gain a good employee, and you get a bonus as well as the pleasure of working with a friend/helping a friend get a job.


Have you ever earned a referral bonus? What are some other unique ways that you have earned extra income? I’d love to hear from you, so be sure to comment below!

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Goal Progress – June

This year is just blasting by! I am still chugging away on my goals, how about you? Even if you fell off the wagon, this is a great time of the year to pick yourself back up and keep trying to aim for your goal. Even if you end up missing your goal, you will probably be much closer to it than you would have been had you not made the effort to aim for it. Here’s an update on my goals:

Financial Goals:

Start a Side Hustle – Pass-ish – I still would like to have sold more items on ebay or Facebook marketplace, but I haven’t set aside the time to list anything. I also didn’t make much effort at my network marketing business with It Works. The distributor that I signed under decided to leave the company, so I don’t know whether to stick with it or not, since I mostly signed just to help her earn a little more by having a distributor under her.

Earn $100 extra each month – Fail – I earned about $40 again from being an It Works distributor, but was unable to get much overtime last month. Since I didn’t sell anything or do any other side hustles, I didn’t earn extra last month. We didn’t even get much money from the state since we no longer have a foster child (we were paid up until he left, but used that money for expenses for him such as diapers, food, gas to get to daycare, etc). We didn’t receive our travel reimbursement until after we got an interest charge on our credit card, so that didn’t help us to have any extra money either.

Pay down vehicles so they aren’t upside downPass- Even though we didn’t make much extra money last month, we were still able to pay $50 extra dollars towards one of our vehicle loans.

Grow our Net Worth by $10,000 (20%) – Pass – After purchasing a different vehicle at the beginning of this year, our net worth is finally back to where it was before that purchase. Now we just have to get those vehicles paid down so that we won’t be upside down the next time we need a new vehicle. Our net worth had this boost even before we got reimbursed for our travel expenses, so it will look about $1500 better next month when we check it out.

Personal Goals:

Read the Entire Bible – Fail – I made an effort to read a little, but I am still behind on where I want to be with this goal.

Write at least two blogs post per month – Pass- I did my usual goal update, as well as a post about saving money on food.

Read 13 books – Fail– I read a bit more of “What’s so Amazing About Grace” but, to stay on track I needed to finish another book this month. I am planning to finish that book this month.

Grow Deeper in my relationship with God – Pass– I was a little mad at God in April, so I didn’t spend much time with Him. But I feel that I am learning to trust Him and rely on Him to comfort me, so I am working on getting back to where I want to be with this as well.

Make a point to do something special for my husband once a month – Fail – Still not very intentional in this area, and it sometimes shows when we argue rather than working through things. We need to be more intentional.

Keep Our House Tidy – Pass-ish – We have been keeping the house picked up, so the mess stays contained on the table and counters. I still would like my home to be fully clean all the time, but… steps….

Well, there you have it. Not too shabby and still chugging along.

What about you, how are your goals or resolutions doing? If you are hitting your goals, great! If not, don’t get discouraged and keep pushing towards those goals! The best way to stay accountable is to share you goals and progress, so feel free to comment below.

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