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Have You Ever Heard of a Traveler’s Notebook?

on August 1, 2017

Recently, I was watching the Young Wife’s Guide YouTube channel and one of her videos caught my eye. It was about traveler’s notebooks and using them as a planner. She had heard about these notebooks from various friends of hers and had finally started using one. She raved over the fact that it was customizable. You could have a monthly planner, weekly planner, recipes, grocery lists, and even such random things as sermon notes and prayer journal (and more!!) all in one place, but organized separately. I loved this idea and subsequently went down a rabbit hole of traveler’s notebook YouTube videos (seriously, just search traveler’s notebook on youtube and you will find tons of videos or how to organize and decorate them).

If you are wondering how it all works, here is my explanation: The traveler’s notebook is actually multiple notebooks within the same binder. The binder comes with elastics down the spine and each notebook loops into one of those elastics to be held into place. (You can see an example in the YWG video I linked to above, or just search traveler’s notebook on Pinterest or Youtube) The reason they are called “traveler’s notebooks” is because they were originally created (by the Midori company) as a way to log your travels. For example, you could have a notebook for each country you visit or each year that you travel and fill it with pictures or thoughts from your travels.

But some people have taken the idea of a traveler’s notebook and used it to create their own planner. You can have a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planner in there as well as various other journals or trackers. The possibilities are endless!

I have never been one to stick to using a planner, but lately, I have truly been needing somewhere besides my phone to write down appointments and various dates for our foster daughter’s appointments and court dates, as well as just general notes. When I heard about the concept of the traveler’s notebook, it peaked my interest.

So, I ordered this one from Amazon with a gift card that I had and hoped that I would stick to it!

When I got my notebook, I was excited to put it together. I found a free monthly planner printable on Pinterest to use as the first insert. The second insert I am using is a weekly planner, where I can breakdown more of our weekly plans and things I want to focus on at home (shopping, cleaning, etc). The third insert I have is important dates, notes, and developmental milestones of our foster daughter. And my last insert is currently my ‘random’ notebook. So far I have Christmas gift ideas in it, as well as financial goals and eventual home purchases we will need in the next year or so (our washing machine is on it’s last legs!! Also, we could use a few more hampers since we only have one!)

I think I may eventually add one more insert as a prayer journal, but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I also want to eventually set up a prayer closet, so I’m not sure whether to have the prayer journal always in the prayer closet or to carry it with me in the traveler’s notebook so that I can add prayer requests whenever they arise.

So, what do you think? Is the idea of a traveler’s notebook as a planner something you would try? Or is it just too much and you’d rather stick to a simple planner? Let me know your thoughts! Comment below!



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