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Goal Progress – August

on August 7, 2017

Still plugging away and tracking my progress. I seriously think this is the longest that I have stuck with a New Year’s Resolution or yearly goal!!. I have been sticking with a general goal of becoming debt free for years now, but I think that’s the only other thing I’ve been able to stick with, plus I haven’t hit it yet, so I needed these other goals to keep me on track.

Here’s the update on my goals:

Financial Goals:

Start a Side Hustle – Fail. – I would still like to have a side hustle, but I have yet to really follow through on any of my random ideas like selling on Ebay, Amazon, facebook swaps, or craigslist….. But I’m still tracking the goal! LOL!!

Earn $100 extra each month – Fail –  I just was not able to get in the overtime necessary for this, and obviously didn’t have a side hustle.

Pay down vehicles so they aren’t upside downPass- Our budget barely scraped by last month, but we still had enough that I sent $50 extra dollars with one of our car payments.

Grow our Net Worth by $10,000 (20%) – Pass – The year is more than half over and we only have $5000 left. You would think we should have less left, since that is half of the goal, but we did lose a little in net worth when we sold the truck and bought another, so we made that up as well as getting halfway to the goal at this point.

Personal Goals:

Read the Entire Bible – Fail – It is still hard for me to remember to make this a priority. Maybe I should put a sticky not on the television or something.

Write at least two blogs post per month – Pass-ish- I did my usual goal update, and wrote most of a post about traveler’s notebooks. But I didn’t end up finishing and uploading the post until August 1st.

Read 13 books – Fail– I need to kick my but into gear if I’m going to hit this goal, but I really do want to spend more time reading. I waste so much time in front of the television that it should be easy to find time to read, but alas, I forget my plans to read and get sucked into the television.

Grow Deeper in my relationship with God – Work in Progress – Definitely something I need to focus more on, but I wouldn’t say it’s a “fail” this month either.

Make a point to do something special for my husband once a month – Fail – Seriously, this year of tracking this goal has made me realize how little we truly take time to focus on one another. We may be in the same house or watching the same TV show, but are we truly focusing on one another? I did spend some time praying for him and our relationship during my commutes to and from work, but we still didn’t focus much on each other, even though our 10 year anniversary was in July!!! (We did go out to dinner that night, but our budget didn’t allow us to do much else….we are planning a trip in October, though)

Keep Our House Tidy – Pass – Still a continual work in progress. The dishes never seem to be done!

Well, there you have it. Not too shabby and still chugging along.

What about you, how are your goals or resolutions doing? If you are hitting your goals, great! If not, don’t get discouraged and keep pushing towards those goals! The best way to stay accountable is to share you goals and progress, so feel free to comment below.


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